• Shyam Patel

Visual Identity - Workshop 5

In this workshop, I learn about how to design a personal brand and portfolio. Prior to this workshop, I had my own portfolio which looked like this:

I then decided to create a new portfolio design that was more professional, dynamic and well thought out. The design and theme are more consistent in comparison to my first portfolio. I created a quick scamp of what I wanted it to look like, I then did a quick mockup on Adobe XD and then decided to go ahead and create it on Wix. Wix was a platform I had already started using prior to updating the design of my portfolio and because I already had the domain name, I decided to stay with Wix.



Layout: The design of the website is specific to the character and taste that I have. As mentioned in the workshop by Alex (lecturer) think of a brand as a person. For example, if a brand is vibrant with yellow's and oranges you would expect the person who's brand it is to reflect that sense of vibrancy and high energy. I, therefore, designed my website with the intention for it to have a sense of sophistication and modernism.

Final Design:

The final design of this website is the website you are currently viewing. To evaluate or assess the website, you may look around the website itself, however, I have provided a live screen grab of the website below.


In addition to setting up the new site, I also optimised it using the SEO tool which allows the site to show up on Google when certain search terms are put in. The SEO feature optimises the search engine so that when potential clients or employers are looking for designers, terms like "freelance graphic designer" will eventually put Merakee7 at the top of Google Search engine.

The name of the brand is Merakee7. Merakee7 is a sacred space for design and innovation. Meraki is a word that modern Greeks often use to describe what happens when you leave a piece of yourself (your soul, creativity, or love) in your work.Merakee7 is derived from Meraki and the meaning remains the same. The 7 specifically represents my father, who aspired to become a graphic designer but could not due to unfortunate circumstances. It was only 1 year after I had decided to pursue graphic design, that I had learned this about him, and I just happened to follow in his footsteps. The 'M' in Merakee7 is the archway to a better future, an innovative future, however, also evokes a welcoming feeling. The shape following that is a smaller tunnel-like shape which is a symbol of the Unknown. Never knowing what's down the tunnel until you start your journey. The '7' significantly represents my family but more importantly my father. His dream was to become a graphic designer and he had the talent to become one but was never able to afford the facilities to become one. That 7 symbolises both the hardships my father faced but also the dream he believed in and at Merakee7, I believe that family is everything.

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