• Shyam Patel

Short & Tweet - Workshop 3

As discussed in the last post, I wanted to dive into the validation aspect of social media. Likes are great, they allow content creators to track engagement quite easily. But likes have a negative aspect whereby, people may not feel great about themselves and so likes give them the love and attention they seek. If their post does not get as many likes, they may feel insecure and end up deleting the relevant post. According to Medium. (2018). "As humans, we seek validation. We live in an era where people are actively seeking some sort of validation through social media. When one posts a selfie, they want some sort of flattering comments or a certain amount of likes. I mean, why else would you post a picture of yourself". The reason I wanted to dive into this is that many people post quotes and try to spread positivity and inspiration which is great, it creates a supportive and encouraging community, however, would it not be better to action those quotes and really put life to the test to prove those quotes right, to show those quotes come to life. I wanted to show that through design and I feel that it is important to action things because as they say "actions speak louder than words". You can find more information here: (https://medium.com/@zainabwrites/everyone-on-social-media-is-seeking-some-kind-of-validation-c285b3f232ed)

These were my final spread designs with data merge and also the exported print for ready version:

Social Media Logo.png