• Shyam Patel

Short & Tweet - Workshop 1

In this workshop, I will be exploring typography, editorial design, and layout as well as data merge and how automated processes save time. Time is a luxury that most designers probably will not receive due to the fast pace environment the design industry operates in. When it comes to client projects, specifically magazine/brochure projects, these projects could end up being 100 pages. Using data merge, this process is done quickly, efficiently and more likely to have consistency.

Today, I chose my hashtag on Twitter - #quotes. I love quotes, I think quotes are really important however, what good use are they if these quotes are not put to use? I searched for 45 tweets using the #quotes on Twitter and picked out quotes that I had to then input into my Excel spreadsheet. I also looked at typographic layouts in preparation for designing my own spreads. The reason for my choice in quotes was that A. I wanted to learn something new that I did not understand before searching for these tweets. B. I wanted to share/use tweets that I could relate to and the one I dread to state is... C. The likes: comments: retweets ratio. I mean, what good was it gonna do to pick out tweets that had 0 likes, comments, and retweets. But I chose ones that mattered the most. This is probably one of the reasons why people seek many likes.

I really like the idea of when certain typographic elements are taken out but are still easily identifiable. For example, in the first image on the far right pin, the G is distinctive, yet the baseline (the bottom of the letter) has been completely removed. Overprint is another style I admire because of the textures and interesting overlays that can be produced as well as the experimental side to it.

Pinterest Inspiration & References:

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