• Shyam Patel

Motion Designers/Filmmakers Research

In this blog post, I explore some of my favourite works in motion design and film making. Much of my motion and filmmaking work is inspired by artists like JR Alli and Spencer Miller. I, therefore, want to follow in similar footsteps as these artists with my own visual style.

I want to start by looking at Spencer Miller's work. This showreel was uploaded a few weeks ago which showcases his work from 2016-2020. In his work, he has demonstrated the use of photography, 3D motion design (possibly created in Cinema4d), special effects, videography, and beautiful sound design. This showreel was very inspiring in many ways and informed my own decisions about what I want to pursue moving forward. Breaking the showreel down, I really love the dynamism, involved, especially with the sound design. It seems as though stems of certain songs have been extracted and produced into layers of sound at appropriate moments. In some cases, the transition between one shot to the next has been produced phenomenally and without the sound design, I think it would not have done the footage justice. A great example is at the point where the drummer is saying "1, 2, 3" which is at the point where the beat drops and there is grungy bass with a high shutter speed of different shots.

JR Alli, similarly to Spencer Miller is a filmmaker, photographer and artist in essence. His works really show a deep understanding of film, technical production as well as how to create an experience in real life, that can similarly translate through a screen. In real life, the experience is phenomenal, but without the sound design, that experience cannot be translated. In this particular video, JR Alli has 600GB worth of footage, 300 layers of video, and 300 layers of sound. The depth of which this 2:15 video showcase is incredible. Much of the works include working in After Effects or Premiere Pro and some of the things I observed immediately were the masking of one scene as an opening for another, for example, when Alli was walking between 1:51-1:52. A matter of 1-2 seconds which could have taken a good few hours to edit.

This particular video is an overview of JR Alli's 2017 (similarly to a showreel). The music certainly evokes a sense of higher power, reminiscence, and nostalgia. The polaroids in a similar way act as a nostalgic way of capturing memories. An analogue way of capturing memories, which now, in a digital era is considered quite sentimental. The transitions, with the sound design, are quite timely with the music, and the way the whole reel is put together almost shows as if each piece belongs together in one project. Although this could be seen as a showreel of the whole year of 2017, it can also act as a standalone project, where each project throughout the year has been pieced together beautifully.

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