• Shyam Patel

Interaction & Exploration - Workshop 2

In the lesson, I started by cutting out images and words or anything that I really liked. The aim was to create a fake newspaper front page using a collage of images and or text and thinking about how different elements interact together. We also needed to print in only black and red. In addition, throughout the final pieces, there is one consistent and almost a stamp looking block with the word "Gulp" which essentially acts as the brand/name of a fake newspaper.

These are all the original cutouts before I had scanned and printed them.

Using these elements, I combined them to create the following pieces:

This is a fashion edition of a newspaper. It's different because there is no headline, sub-headline, date, etc. It is not a traditional newspaper. But the thought of just having imagery and the brandmark on there was so eye-catching.

The context of this front cover was this. Caffeine is the headline, the body text is very long like any newspaper, there is an old bloke possibly in his early 70's pointing at his brain overlaying on the body text. What does this mean? Well, too much text, boring, I will need caffeine to keep me awake to read this. That is the context of this headline. The man pointing to his brain/head, could suggest that his brain hurts from just looking at the text or the fact that caffeine makes his head crazy.

This was quite a subjective piece. I find politics quite funny in the sense that some politicians are so full of themselves or that they are very dumb and yet still a politician, perhaps even the prime minister or president of your country. Regardless, I wanted to call this piece 'Comical Warfare'. The struggle to have a laugh because they have to be so serious all the time. And with so much going on in our society today, should we not take a step back and re-evaluate the importance of happiness and laughter and why that is squashed down to the bottom of priorities? Anyways, this piece of work is supposed to be a joke. A man so creepily behind Boris Johnson and Jean-Claude saying "thinking when this is going to stop?" whilst another random man with a mic shoving his hand up the mouth of Jean-Claude. The main body text at the top on the left, with a, headlined overlaying at the bottom. A little bit all over the place? That was the intention. "You will save us" as the headline. Well, that was supposed to be a comical remark. You meaning the reader, hoping that they would laugh and share the funny message/image.

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