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  • Shyam Patel

InDesign - Workshop 1

In this workshop, I was able to explore and understand the basic terminology and shortcuts every graphic designer should know. The InDesign shortcuts 101 if you will.

The Terminology:

Shortcuts every designer should know because it is a time saver! In industry, the last thing a designer wants to do is click the button a million times to make the size of the text larger.

Alt (Up Arrow or Down Arrow) = Leading

Alt (Left Arrow or Right Arrow) = Kerning

Alt (Left Arrow or Right Arrow) = Tracking - highlight the whole word or text

Command or Control Alt C = Snapping boxes to text getting rid of excess space

Command or Control Shift C = Cropping images to the size of the box

Command (< or >) = increase or decrease point size of text

Command or Control (L) = Locking the image or text in position

Command or Control Option (L) = Unlocking the image or text in position

Final Outcome: