• Shyam Patel

Hand Drawn Image Workshop 3

In this workshop, I explore moving images using hand-drawn material and vector assets. I used a mask to fill the fire with colour and I also added sound which made the piece of animation a whole lot stronger as opposed to without sound. I want to explore the way in which I can use this technique using digital assets only and expanding my knowledge by using a 3D camera in After Effects which I will do for my independent task. To break down the animation I first of all created hand-drawn assets. I then put those into Adobe Photoshop and flatten the images and exported those as JPEGS. I also imported these scanned drawings into Adobe Illustrator and illustrated each drawing and filled those in 3 different colours. I then imported everything into Adobe After Effects and aligned the vector assets with the hand-drawn JPEGS and I made sure each vector asset was stretched to match a time frame of 6 frames. I then duplicated all the layers over and over again until the end of the composition. I then precomposed the duplicated layers and then masked it. I used position keyframes on the mask which then gave the pouring effect whilst still retaining the main image without disturbance.




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