• Shyam Patel

Glitch Aesthetics Independent Task Pt.5

Since my last blog, on Glitch Aesthetics, I have taken a look after working on it really hard and thought that it was too self-centered. I did not want the focus of the cover to be on me or that of a human being and so I used the program we wrote in the first lesson to glitch my final outcome. It took me 36 trials to get my final design to a standard that I was happy with. Below are all the trials.

My Final Outcome was the one that I was most pleased with. I then went onto InDesign, Drag and dropped it in, added a blue filter and changed the opacity so that the text was legible to read.

This was the code that I wrote and the numbers that I changed in some of the specific areas that attack the bytes in the file are the reason for this final outcome.

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