• Shyam Patel

Glitch Aesthetics Independent Task Pt.2

As I start working on some ideas I had to begin with, I start generating new and more informed ideas that may support my vision for the final book cover design. Since I can use any material to glitch out to create this book cover, I came up with the idea of taking an action shot whereby I am walking across a street or on a path and there are fluorescent neon lights seeping in the shot. I would then go onto liquifying certain parts of the body and leaving other parts neutral.

These are the photos that I had taken of my when I went out into the Leeds City Centre to pursue this task. When I came back to edit these in Photoshop my main concern was the finishing which did not seem like the way I wanted the final aesthetic of the front cover to be.

The outcome of one of the edits I did ended up becoming a corrupted file which is quite a hilarious coincidence considering that this project is about errors, glitches and corrupting files. Below, the image on the right is the file that got corrupted and the image on the left is an experiment that I was not happy with as a final outcome.

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