• Shyam Patel

Glitch Aesthetics – Independent Task Pt.1

For this independent task, I have been set to create a front, spine and back cover of the book – Glitch: Designing Imperfection. I started off by sketching a scamp that I deemed to be suitable no matter what the outcome of the front cover may be. This layout may change over time depending on the development of the front cover. I think this set layout is quite sophisticated, it works really well and it also has good readability.

I then used the layouts above to produce vector visuals in Adobe illustrator which I would then go onto use as a source for glitching.

Using the program we wrote in Processing 13, I managed to create some glitch visuals which I then took into Adobe Photoshop and edited until I was happy with the outcome.

The first image I imported I wanted to play around the curves and levels.

This screenshot shows the aesthetic of the image after applying levels and playing around with the sliders until I thought I was happy with it.

After playing around with the levels I added curves and played around with the points on the curves to produce this as one of the final outcomes.

I imported another experiment that I really liked and this time I added a solid colour as well as levels and curves.

I added the overlay effect to this solid colour which gave the effect you see right before your eyes. I thought experimenting with this in Adobe Photoshop would take this design a step further however, I did not want to overcomplicate things.

This is what it looks like with levels, curves and the solid colour overlay all in action.

I also added a previous outcome I had onto the design and used the overlay filter on that to produce an outcome of this however, I much preferred the previous version.

This was the final experiment I completed in Adobe Photoshop.

As well as adding a Gaussian Blur to these two images and some of the others, the purpose of that was so that the main focus would be on the important information such as the title, authors' names, publisher, etc. I really liked the outcome that I produced when I got to this stage. I added the linear burn filter to this particular image to give the design this final effect.

The first thing I did when I went into InDesign was to use the layout I had created for the cover of the book. I wanted to make sure that it was consistent no matter how different covers I produced. The reason I have created two is because of colour difference. Having text in both black and white allows for adjusting the colour when and where appropriate to fit well with the background image I choose as the final cover design.

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