• Shyam Patel

Final 3: 3/3 LavaJava Coffee Brand Identity

I really enjoyed creating the brand identity for my personal design portfolio and wanted to further my practice in logo and brand identity design by designing my own coffee brand! I love coffee, as a lot of other people do, and most day's coffee gets me going. It is the juice that gets the creative juices flowing if you will!

I decided to name my Coffee brand 'LavaJava'. The reason I called it Lava Java is because it's hot, meaning it is warm in temperature but also hot meaning it is the best, it is fire (all hippie terms). Java is computer software and also taken from javascript, a programming language. Now we all know that programmers usually come out at night and drink coffee till their pupils are dilated and they are shaking (in most cases probably not but still) and so I wanted to use the word java, I mean what else is coffee going to be used for?

According to the British Coffee Association "In the UK, we now drink approximately 95 million cups of coffee per day" which is an astounding amount. Instant coffee is quite a popular choice for domestic use, however, "Ground coffee and single-serve coffee pods are becoming increasingly popular, particularly amongst millennials (aged 16 – 34) who account for 16% of all buyers". This is clearly evident that coffee is amongst one of the most popular drinks and to think it was tea!? Coffee has many benefits other than keeping us awake. According to Coffee and Health, it can act as a form of protection from diseases such as Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease, that is with a moderated intake of coffee/caffeine.

Coffee Branding Inspiration:


Final Design:

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