• Shyam Patel

Discovering Letterforms Independent Task Pt.1

As a result of the workshop I did in class, I was not proud of my outcomes, to say the least. I took some time out to compose more pieces in my own time which I am happy to present because I feel they are more understanding of the words “Fine Woman”, informative of the words “Fine Woman” but not limited to what I have produced. “Fine Woman” can have many connotations, the reasoning for each piece will be summarised below.

This piece was inspired by the usage of different materials. The first reason I used different materials is that I felt the need to be different when compiling some materials together ready to compose something. It almost seems as if a 5-year-old made it, which may intend that there is a child in every mother, some even literally. The main reason, however, was because fine women are all around the world, everywhere you see and women really have never had life easy. Life for women has been quite difficult which, I will be talking more about in another blog post in relation to the last piece.

Women should be able to be sexy. They should be able to feel comfortable in their body however, judgment can destroy confidence and so it can be quite a difficult process. Nevertheless, this piece is dedicated to feeling sexy and the very stereotypical connotation of the words “Fine Woman”.

These two pieces are dedicated to sophistication of women as well as giving them a voice. Words roll off the end of the tongue. The meaning behind the second piece is that exactly, being confident, being able to have your say, have your voice and being bold. Furthermore, women must have a lot to say taking into consideration the fact that in the history of women, they have always been looked down upon. Key examples are gender pay gap, where women do the same work as men and yet get paid less, or the times when women were not allowed to vote or the most orthodox example being that women belong in homes and kitchens doing the dirty work whilst the men go out to work.

This last piece was created entirely out of magazine cutouts. I looked carefully at the composition of photographs in magazines as well as objects to try and find letterforms in them. I managed to find some really interesting images in what I saw as letterforms. My favourite part, however, is the stamp in the bottom right corner which really stood out to me in one of the many magazines I looked at. I found it quite an interesting puzzle piece and wanted to do some further research into it in relation to the words “Fine Woman”. I thought it was quite relevant. In Part 3 of this letterform blog series, I will discuss further this piece of work, my research, and findings.


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