• Shyam Patel

Discovering Letterforms - Independent Task – Additional Research Pt.3

In addition to discovering and looking at letterforms, this blog post is dedicated to how women fit into America today. Inspired by my piece of work I created for this workshop, I found a stamp in a magazine I cut out and used as a part of that piece of work. I thought it would be relevant to research into how women fit into America since my two words were related to women.

Women are generally overlooked by both the media and the workforce. They have had to fight for their rights to equality. Meaning equal pay for doing equal jobs as men would, to be able to have the right to vote and to be viewed in an unorthodox way. In 2019 things are changing and have changed quite quickly. Women are able to hold a higher position of power whether that be on social media or at a workplace etc. But really, how do women fit into America today? Well, the truth of the matter is that women in some places in America are still not paid equally as men are. For example, the Women’s national ‘soccer’ team overseen by the United States Soccer Federation, still fails to treat women in an orderly manner. In comparison to how the Men’s national ‘soccer’ team travel, eat and play in good conditions, they are given more than what women are given despite the fact that women are able to do a much better job of representing their country in a rewarding and pride-filled way with their unjustified wins according to an article “How the U.S. Government Is Failing Women’s Soccer” by HAMPTON DELLINGER.

This is still a big problem within the society we live in today and despite how far women have come to the point where they can be put in a position of power, it is quite historical but not enough especially with modern times. Nevertheless, this article proves that women are still not treated fully equal in society and something needs to be done about this.

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