• Shyam Patel

Create & Curate - Workshop 3

In this workshop, I collaborated with 2 of my peers to Create a zine using curated pieces of work from previous workshops. We chose our best pieces of work which was the first stage of curation, and then laid them all out on the floor and each person had to choose one piece of work for each other that they really thought would work nicely in the zine, this being the second stage of curation. We then went on thinking about the layout, the scale, and the colour. We discussed concerns such as the orientation of some pieces of work as well as how the consumer was going to interact with the booklet. Looking at the colours, most of the work had already been printed in black and red, we wanted to continue this colour theme throughout the booklet. The paper we wanted to use had to be textured. For the front cover, we used thick cartridge paper and Riso printed a front cover made into a collage from 1 individual piece of work from each peer. We then used some thinner paper which had a coarse texture which allowed for differentiation between the front/back cover and the content inside. Once we finished printing everything, we stapled all pages together to create a booklet and trimmed the edges for a professional finish as well as rounding the corners.

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