• Shyam Patel

Commercial Project - Independent

Based on the skills that I have learned in After Effects as well as the independent learning within Cinema4d I have been pursuing, lead to taking on a commercial project. One of my most recent commercial projects involved creating a music video as well as a complimentary Single Cover design and Instagram story promotion design, to promote the song.

The song is by an artist called NVRLUV who I recently got acquainted with after listening to his music for a considerable amount of time on SoundCloud. His song 'Addiction' is amongst one of the best ambient songs I have listened to, which really set a tone of reminiscence and I could sense the urges of addiction within the melody and beat of the track. The brief was open to interpretation, and after completing the music video and sending part of it to the client, NVRLUV's reaction to it was incredible.

Each scene had a layer of meaning behind it. The opening scene, of course, is a ball that has pineapple looking incisions and extrudes which really did not have a particular meaning in a sense, but the point of it was to evoke this sense of being lost, not knowing or being in the known. The scene swiftly moves onto two fingers trying to connect. This scene was really important because it was about relationships. Although the relationship between these two 'characters' may have been great, there were addictions about them, or certain individuals, that set them apart, and no matter how close they tried to get, these said 'addictions' would always build a layer of invisible force between them. The third scene then moves onto a sculpture of a woman. This is sense of attraction is built within the camera moving forward, but as the camera moves forward, the woman has these psychedelic analog scribbles twirling in her eyes, which acts as a moment of total eye-lock, captivation, which could seemingly be interpreted as addicted to anything within eye-view, drugs, alcohol, sex, etc. Two of the effects I used in Adobe After Effects were the Echo effect, and the CC Kaleida effect. The Echo effect, in essence, was supposed to bring this sense of being on a high, feeling really good but also have a sense of distortion (which is discussed in the next scene). The CC Kaleida was used primarily because from a camera point of view, we could see the swirls and the scribbles, but from the persons point of view, they could see themselves in this Kaleida effect, not gaining any sense as to where they are or what they are doing, which can often be found when someone has an addiction. The next scene is a hand in the center of the composition, surrounded by social media likes, which brings me onto power. Position of power is felt, when one may simply get many likes or followers on a social platform, however, the second meaning behind this particular scene is social validation. The wants, the addiction to being validated by the number of likes one gains, and how empowered they may feel by it, or deflated. This again is reflected by the composition, and more so the Echo effect that is used on the likes. The scene after this is a Mandella which essentially from first point of view, is one element, but when the camera rotates around the Mandella, all the elements are separated with a considerable amount of space between them, which again shows the distortion, and in essence the deceiving realities of addiction. The last scene again is a woman but in this case, I have added an Echo effect. The intention really was to experiment to see what the Echo effect would look like on this scene, and it turned out really incredible. The Echo effect, (as a happy accident) really brought a sense of angel-like devil. What I mean by that is, as the woman rotates out into space, there is a particular part (2:22) where it reminds me of an angel but disguised as the devil. Addiction can be many things, in this last scene, it was an addiction to women. But more so, could be in reflectance of addiction to Nicotine, which in similarity is what Logic did in his song 'Nikki'. Although this scene is open to interpretation, the way I thought of this scene as an addiction, slowly fading the realities of life away.

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