• Shyam Patel

Barbara Hepworth Research

Two Forms (Divided Circle)1969

Two Forms (Divided Circle) is a larger scale piece by Barbara Hepworth. This particular piece of work really translates to me in numerous ways. In the first instance, when looking at this piece, it looks to me as though it has a relation with abuse. That abuse could really be any type of abuse, whether it be drug/substance abuse, alcohol abuse, domestic/violent abuse, verbal abuse, etc. Looking at the physical structure of this sculpture, I immediately notice the concavity of the left side of the sculpture, which may symbolise a black eye. The neighbouring side, of course, is completely normal. The counterparts of the sculpture could also evoke a sense of Yin & Yang, where both sides are interconnected, but set apart because of the abuse. The hollowed-out points in the sculpture may evoke a sense of emptiness and transparency.

Sphere with Inner Form 1963

Sphere with Inner form, another larger scale piece of Barbara Hepworth's work, evokes a sense of youth inside oneself. Eventually, everyone has to grow up, growing up is inevitable. But inside all of us, there will forever live a sense of youth, whether one shows it or not is entirely up to them. This piece reminds me of how power rangers used to operate those huge robots either individually or as a team and in the same way, as does this sculpture. The inner form feels as though it is in control of the larger form, but the larger form acts as a protective layer. Both forms have hollow points, which goes back to the 'Two Forms (Divided Circle)' could evoke a sense of emptiness. Sometimes, children may encounter or go through the emotional trauma that they eventually carry on into their adulthood, which in turn becomes a larger hole, hence presented in the larger form.

Two Figures (Menhirs) 1964

Two Figures (Menhirs), similarly to the previously interpreted sculptures, have hollow points. These sculptures have a much deeper meaning and speak to me more in the presence of pain, hence the chosen ones. This particular piece comes in two completely different parts, both standalone figures under one formed piece. The figure on the left seems as though the hollow cylindrical piercing has caused a concavity, almost like a bullet. The piercing happens to be in the chest of the piece. The figure on the right, however, shows an incision which could be a development of hurt and pain carried forward from the figure on the left. The figure on the right in comparison to the left also happens to be skinnier which could symbolise the loss of thick skin, as the incision penetrates through the body of the figure.

By looking at these pieces, it allows me to understand and freely interpret the beautiful works of Barbara Hepworth. The way the art speaks to each individual may be different from the intentions of the artist. Whilst these pieces of work may have no relation whatsoever to the thoughts and feelings I have described, they may be somewhat relatable, which is the purpose of my interpretations and thus the purpose of my work. As a designer, it is natural to interpret work in different ways, and when looking at my work, I am able to dissect the work in similar ways, without intentionally thinking about it. The beauty in art is the meaning.

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