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I want to take the time to understand the values you believe in so that we can tailor projects accordingly. The 'M' in Merakee7  is the archway to a better future, an innovative future, however, also evokes a welcoming feeling. The shape following that is a smaller tunnel-like shape which is a symbol of the Unknown. Never knowing what's down the tunnel until you start your journey. The '7' significantly represents my family but more importantly my father. His dream was to become a graphic designer and he had the talent to become one but was never able to afford the facilities to become one. That 7 symbolises both the hardships my father faced but also the dream he believed in and at Merakee7, I believe that family is everything.


A List of People I’ve Worked With


"We were fortunate to meet Shyam when he was an NCS Leader and learn about his design skills. Since, several of our projects have been fortunate to have his magic on them. Shyam is professional, prompt and is really developing a great and unique design sensibility. We hope to be able to work with him on future projects.
All the best,
Stephen Greene

Stephen Greene





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